Hi Springer mums and dads etc!

I intend to do a sponsored listen to Wagner’s ‘Ring‘ cycle through from beginning to end in one continuous session.

It is all in German and I will be following the music score in the process.

It will take about 15 hours. Logistics permitting it will take place the last week of August.

I am emBARKing on this to remember our three NWESSR dogs Harry, (who some of you will know from Sponsor-a-Springer), Meg and Charles

If you would like to sponsor me as I embark on this Teutonic folly of a venture, please let me have your name, email address and the amount you would like to give.

My email address is

[email protected].

Ride of the Valkyries is part of the trip – Ride of the Spaniels .. well!

Thank you all in anticipation

David Jenkins

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