2017 – Fun Day – Event Winners

Firstly we would like to thank everyone who took part in any of our dog activity events, please see below for the winners of the events.

SCURRY Name Time
1st Bobby Evans 25 Seconds
2nd Fidget Hunt 27 Seconds
3rd Maybe Gething 41 Seconds
4th Pup McGee 45 Seconds
4th Buck Colderley 45 Seconds
1st Cracker Meredith 1 Minute, 3 Seconds
2nd William Gething 1 Minute, 27 Seconds
3rd Rolo Budd 1 Minute, 39 Seconds
Dog Jumping Name Time
1st Ginny Keeling 22.03 Seconds
2nd Lily Wilson 25.47 Seconds
3rd Dolly Dyer 39.25 Seconds
4th Buster McGuire 30.08 Seconds
Fastest Recall
1st Ginny Keeling 3.63 Seconds
2nd Angel Preston 3.88 Seconds
3rd Max Williams 3.94 Seconds
4th Alfie Preston 4.31 Seconds
4th Woody Gaskell 4.31 Seconds

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