1) How do I add to the letters page, gallery or gone but not forgotten page?

Please send photos and details, including a write up if you wish, to have your springer included in the letters page, gallery or gone but not forgotten page.

Please email webmaster@englishspringerrescue.co.uk  You can enclose several images but please note that they may be cropped &/or resized to suit the website.

2) I have seen a problem with a website page or there is a message in the guestbook that is inappropriate, who do I tell?

Please email at webmaster@englishspringerrescue.co.uk  giving details of the problem.

Email Contact:

3) I emailed someone using the Contacts page a few days ago but haven’t heard anything yet?

Please note that our Trustees and Volunteers are with NWESSR voluntarily and that most also work full time and have their own dogs needs too, someone will get back to you as quickly as they can, if your message is urgent and needs a reply OR you are uncertain as to who it needs to be seen by then please email at webmaster@englishspringerrescue.co.uk  and it will be dealt with or forwarded to the correct person within NWESSR. Please do however use the contacts page in the first instance as you can also ring many of our contacts directly.


4) How do I become a Member?

Please visit the Membership page to find out more (on the Header Menu)

5) My Membership or Supporter card has not arrived (or you haven’t had a reminder)

In the first instance please email membership@englishspringerrescue.co.uk and our membership secretary, Rachel, will get back to you.


6) I would like to advertise in the Newsletter or I would like a story to be included, who do I email?

Please send an email with the information/details to our editor, Wendy, at newsletter@englishspringerrescue.co.uk  and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

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