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Dog Rehoming Procedure

NWESSR’s revamped vetting form is now available and we ask you to complete it with as much detail as possible if you are interested in offering a home to one of our springers.  Doing so  will typically take 30-45 minutes. NWESSR does not rehome to households with children under 6 and we require applicants to be able to travel to our kennels (M45/BB10 post code).

NWESSR does not place females in a home with resident females.

Other things being equal, we prefer homes within approx. 100 miles travelling distance of our core base in the North West of England (postcode M45/BB10), close to our key volunteers, vets, trainers etc. This also facilitates several visits prior to adoption, which may be necessary in the case of some dogs. However, all applications are assessed on their merits, as our key objective is to find  the best possible home for the particular dog(s). If you have not lived with a springer before you will need to show us that you have adequately researched the breed, since Springers are working dogs who require lots of exercise, mental stimulation and human company over their life span, and often live to 15 or 16 years old.

Provided you submit your form successfully, an on screen message confirming it has been successfully submitted will appear on screen. No email verification will be sent, this is your receipt.

If you apply and don’t hear back from us within 14 days, we’re sorry to say your application hasn’t been successful. If we review your application and think you could be a good match for a Springer Spaniel, we’ll contact you to arrange a chat in more detail within 14 days. We are looking for applicants whose lifestyle best fits that of a rescue Springer Spaniel. Those applicants will be contacted with a view to arranging a homecheck. We may have lots of strong applicants, so if you don’t hear from us within 14 days of your telephone interview, unfortunately your application hasn’t been successful.

Please DO NOT contact the NWESSR general phone number, to enquire about the status of your application, the call handler does not have access to these records.

Applicants who are homechecked will be added to a waiting list, with a view to being matched with a suitable dog. Your position on the waiting list is not the main consideration,  finding a good match is more important.

These processes are designed to ensure that successful applicants can be matched with a Springer of appropriate age, size, sex and temperament, who they will then be invited to visit. This matching process may take some time, as we cannot predict availability and suitability of dogs. So please be patient.

NWESSR requires a minimum (non-refundable) donation of £350 Dogs under 10. Dogs over 10yrs or Long Term Foster £350 for each dog adopted. This does not constitute payment for the individual dog, but helps meet our average cost of re-homing (which is in the region of £600) and allows us to continue to help other Springers in need of behavioural training, veterinary treatment and kennel space.

We recommend that you complete the form using a Chrome browser.

Note: Please note that at the end of the process you will receive  an on screen verification, no email verification will be sent,  your form has been successfully submitted, so please wait for us to contact you. Please also note that simultaneous  applications to a multiple re-homing organisations waste valuable volunteer time. If you decide you do not wish to proceed with your application please contact 

Please complete the online vetting form here if you are still interested in being considered to adopt a springer having reflected on the above criteria.

Rehoming English Springer Spaniels since 1995

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