Introducing Woody who is 3 years old and is described by his owners as being a typical Springer full of life energy and love.

Family visit the home with their dogs and Woody is happy in their company as he knows them. If he is on a lead walk outside of the home, he can be nervous of other dogs if they are too close to him.

Off lead Woody will usually go to his owner if they encounter other dogs, he can normally be distracted with his ball. Woody tends to pull on his harness, but not on a Halti. He is trained to recall to a whistle.

It’s thought he may have missed some of the normal socialisation due to Covid as he was a puppy at the time.

Woody has grown up with children who live in the home and there are visiting children. He can be fine with them and play, but sometimes he takes their toys and will want to keep them.

Recently Woody was neutered and was recovering, he was sitting on the sofa with the 1 year old child who was stroking him and he snapped, it’s possible the child touched his ears which he can be sensitive about, or he was just unwell. There was no broken skin but it has made his owner feel anxious.

Woody is not destructive or noisy and is usually happy with his toys for mental stimulation or he will just go to sleep when left alone.

Woody doesn’t usually react to cats but like most Springers does chase birds if off lead.

Woody is looking for a home where he will continue to learn, have lovely walks and enjoy the companionship of a new owner who can love and enjoy him.

If you think you can offer Woody a home please visit https://www.englishspringerrescue.co.uk/vetting-form/ where you can find out about adopting a dog from us and complete our online application form.