Why not all of our dogs are on the website: matching dogs to homes

No two English Springer Spaniels have the same needs, so rehoming is as much about the environment and experience you can offer as it is the dog themselves.

That’s why, while NWESSR is constantly active in rehabilitating and rehoming dogs surrendered into our care, we don’t always advertise individual dogs with pictures online. This is because, rather than adopters choosing one of our dogs, we match the information you give us with the characteristics of dogs in our care to find a perfect fit between their needs and what you can offer.

The ‘success stories’ on the ‘rehomed’ tab on our website show why it’s important that we take this approach. If you think you have the forever home for one of our dogs, please read about the process under ‘how to adopt’ and submit a vetting form.

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Rehoming English Springer Spaniels since 1995

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