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No two English Springer Spaniels have the same needs, so rehoming is as much about the environment and experience you can offer as it is the dog themselves.

That’s why, while NWESSR is constantly active in rehabilitating and rehoming dogs surrendered into our care, we don’t always advertise individual dogs with pictures online. This is because, rather than adopters choosing one of our dogs, we match the information you give us with the characteristics of dogs in our care to find a perfect fit between their needs and what you can offer.

The ‘success stories’ on the ‘rehomed’ tab on our website show why it’s important that we take this approach. If you think you have the forever home for one of our dogs, please read about the process under ‘how to adopt’ and submit a vetting form.

The first step in applying to adopt a NWESSR Springer is to contact us via our on line form. In order to find the right Springer for you we need to know about:

  • your past dog experience
  • your family
  • any current pets
  • what you could offer a rescued Springer.

For further information on the procedure and to view our vetting form please click here.


Meet Basil the Biker!

This good-looking, outdoor-loving boy, is in need of a new home with someone as energetic as he is. Are you a fan of mountain-biking, running or any other fast-paced sport? If so, Basil will make a great exercise buddy and can keep up with you all the way, for miles every day!

Just two years old, Basil is currently living with our trainer undergoing rehabilitation, while the search is on for a suitable home. At only 11 months old, and going through an adolescent phase, Basil came into NWESSR’s care following a biting incident over resource guarding. He has made huge progress, responding exceptionally well to an outdoor exercise and training regime, both on and off the lead. He’s friendly to dogs he meets out on walks and has good recall.

So far the right home for Basil has evaded us. He needs a quiet home with one or two people, a cat-free environment and preferably as an only dog. He will benefit from space within the home, while he develops and matures into the great character he has all the potential to become.

Have you got what it takes to keep up with BASIL? If so, please complete a vetting form, mentioning BASIL in your application.


Meet Milo. He’s three and a half years old and he’s looking for an extra special home, as he’s quite a fearful and anxious little fellow.

Milo gets frightened  easily, so he needs a very calm, quiet home with no children or other animals.  He needs an experienced, patient owner with plenty of time to devote to continuing his training, and who will take time to introduce him to new situations. We think he might be happiest living with just one person and he seems to be more comfortable around women.

Milo’s got lots of potential. He enjoys his time outside, loves a good sniff and a run around. He’s also a fan of some agility activities, though scared of tunnels and confined spaces. He’s very eager and quick to learn and loves to do tricks.

If you can offer Milo the home he needs, please visit where you can find out more about adopting a Springer from NWESSR.




In Ozzy’s words 

I wanted to tell you that I am having a short break from finding my new home. I haven’t always shown my best side when potential adopters visit me, not that I do anything wrong, it’s just I am inclined to go on a sniffari in the paddock,  instead of engaging in polite conversation. This has led them to believe I don’t like them. But who can blame me, I am in kennels and when out  I make the most of my freedom. So NWESSR decided to teach me scenting, as this would be something I could do with new owners. I absolutely love it. 

Then one day I came out of my kennel and was so lame on my back leg I couldn’t put it down (ouch). Following an xray it seems I have ruptured my cruciate ligament. So I am booked in for an operation to repair it and this will delay my rehoming. At least I will be recuperating in a home, as a kind volunteer has offered to nurse me. I don’t seem to have the best of luck, but I am lucky to have people at NWESSR who care about me and will ensure that I am back to full fitness asap. This is despite a collective “ouch” from them at the cost of £4500 for the operation.

I hate to think what my future would have been if NWESSR were not willing to help me. Please don’t visit me with grapes as dogs are not allowed them. But If you would like to contribute to my op and help NWESSR, I would be your friend forever.

You can do this by choosing the orange donate button below or by clicking on this link