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No two English Springer Spaniels have the same needs, so rehoming is as much about the environment and experience you can offer as it is the dog themselves.

That’s why, while NWESSR is constantly active in rehabilitating and rehoming dogs surrendered into our care, we don’t always advertise individual dogs with pictures online. This is because, rather than adopters choosing one of our dogs, we match the information you give us with the characteristics of dogs in our care to find a perfect fit between their needs and what you can offer.

The ‘success stories’ on the ‘rehomed’ tab on our website show why it’s important that we take this approach. If you think you have the forever home for one of our dogs, please read about the process under ‘how to adopt’ and submit a vetting form.

The first step in applying to adopt a NWESSR Springer is to contact us via our on line form. In order to find the right Springer for you we need to know about:

  • your past dog experience
  • your family
  • any current pets
  • what you could offer a rescued Springer.

For further information on the procedure and to view our vetting form please click here.


Molly is a sweet 12yrs old girl who has had a difficult time in her twilight years. She has come to NWESSR through a set of circumstances which are in no way any fault of her own. 

Molly’s current owner found her wandering the moors in August 22 at this time she was in poor condition. She took her home and endeavoured to find her owner through social media which she did. However, they agreed she could stay with the present owner. 

In the first home Molly was a working dog who lived outside in kennels with other dogs. 

The current owner’s home is a busy home which can be noisy at times, with people and her three dogs. The owner has visiting children, which are of different ages and the noise and bustle can cause Molly to be a little nervous, however when the children are quiet, she usually loves a cuddle with them.  Molly has never shown any aggression. She is happy around the other dogs and walks quite happily on or off lead, as much as her age and touch of arthritis allow. More frequent walks rather than a long single walk suits her best. She has a little pain relief if she has done more than she perhaps should have. As Molly is over 10 years of age NWESSR will provide financial assistance for vet fees. 

Molly lives with 3 cats and a horse and is happy to do so, birds are not an issue either. 

Molly is looking for a home with all that TLC she deserves in her twilight years, a quieter home where she can fully relax and enjoy life to the full with lovely walks, good food, treats, playtime and lots of love. 

If you think you are that person please visit where you can find out about adopting a dog from us and complete our online application form.


This is Harvey a lovable 8 years old Springer.  Harvey is coming to NWESSR through no fault of his own.  His owners are relocating to a narrow boat and moving away from the network of family who currently help with looking after Harvey.  This means that if he moved with them he could find himself being left alone for long periods of time, so his owners want him to continue to have a loving and happy home.

Harvey has grown up with children and also had contact with extended families children.  He is described as being loving and gentle with them. 

Harvey has also lived with another dog and 3 cats all of whom he has got on with.  Although when he’s out on his walks he’s not too keen on new dogs if they come to greet him when he’s on his lead.  It’s another story though when he’s off his lead and free to run around he is fine with them.  As with most springers he is partial to chasing birds.  Harvey is well trained in recall and by just calling his name he will usually come back to you.

Harvey loves playing with his soft toys but isn’t selfish with them and lets you join in.

Harvey needs a family that will continue to provide the love and exercise he needs.  He could go to a family with older children and also another dog and cats. You can find out more about adopting Harvey, or another Springer and apply online at


Oscar is a handsome 7 years old Springer, who is sadly in need of a new home as his current owner has developed major health issues and is in hospital. When discharged he will no longer be able to provide Oscar with the care that he needs. His owner’s family have been doing their very best to help, but Oscar is being left for very long periods and is pining for company.

Oscar has lived with the owner’s grandchild for some of his life and loved playing with them.  He has also been around other grandchildren and enjoyed his time with them. 

Oscar gets very excited when he knows he’s going for his walks and initially pulls on his lead as he cannot wait to get out and run around.  Once he knows he’s going to be out for a while he settles down and enjoys his time out.  He loves being off the lead to do what typical Springers love and that is to explore, but he’ll not let you out of his sight as wants you to have fun too.  Oscar will come back to you unless he gets a scent of something a little more interesting, but if you call his name he will return.  Oscar knows he is not to cross any roads without you giving a little whistle to say it is safe when he is on the lead with you.

Oscar has never lived with another dog or any cats.  If he sees a cat when he is out he does try to chase them along with any birds.  He can be quite shy of any dogs he meets on his walks but once he sees them regularly he just wants to play.

Oscar is a very loyal and loveable dog.

Oscar needs someone who will give him all the attention, love and walks he has been used to and also some more training to encourage is Springer traits. 




Introducing Miko, a very young male dog of one year and two months. He has come into NWESSR through absolutely no fault of his own.


This cute young Springer is Liver/white, he has bundles of energy, he wants to walk, play and learn and now needs an owner who will enjoy doing just that with him. Training him eg. recall work will need to be continued.


Miko’s previous owners were unable to spend the time exercising and training him, they were not aware how much exercise and stimulation Springers needed.


He has no experience of children. He is ok with dogs he meets outside of the home and may be able to live with another dog. Any time spent with Miko in the past has been a little chaotic, he will benefit from a home with a routine, as all young Springers he does demand attention.


He will travel in the car short distances and has visited residential kennels three times. He walks at present on a figure of eight lead, he is only let off lead in an enclosed area at the moment, as his recall needs work.

This lovely boy needs a home where he can have love in his life with long interesting walks, playtime and fun which Springers love so much. 


If you can give Miko the home he needs please visit



Introducing Harvey, a stunning Liver/White male of one year and three months.


Harvey is coming to NWESSR through no fault of his own, his current owners have had a change to their working circumstances, no longer work from home and don’t have the time to exercise, train or give Harvey the stimulation he needs.


Harvey has lived with children aged 10 – 18 years. They are the ones who seem to play ball with him and have the interaction.


He does not go off the lead at present, due to his owner hiring a field and letting him off to find and he did not come back. He was only Interested in chasing birds as all Springers are!


Poor Harvey is now confined to one lead walk per day at night. He will benefit from some training so he can enjoy his walks in the countryside, with time off lead to enjoy a good run around and have doggy fun.

He will on occasion let you take a toy from him but this doesn’t happen often.


Harvey will need to be in a cat free home and needs to be the only dog. He needs someone who can continue to train him, give him lots of walks, socialise him and have playtime with mental stimulation.

He is not really left alone at present,  so this will need to be introduced slowly.


Harvey is a lovely boy who likes to do tricks for treats. He will be a great dog to spend your time with walking, playing and having fun.


If you’d like to apply to adopt Harvey, or another NWESSR springer, please visit


Jasper is 2 years old with a lively, springy personality.  He can get excited when new people visit.  One day when he was 13 months old, due to being a  bit excited and barking at a visitor, he was put in the garage to help him calm down.  He actually found he liked it in there and since January 2023 he has slept in the car in there.  Clearly this is not ideal as poor Jasper is missing out on social interaction.  He misses the company of his owner and it can cause anxiety at times.  She is a carer for an elderly mother and she is worried that Jasper with his natural exuberance may knock her over.  Jasper is not very good at giving things up and if over excited can nip.  NWESSR are going to help him with that.

He quite likes chasing birds but has never caught one.  He never has never lived with a cat but he does see them when is out on his lead.

If you have a treat for him when out walking he won’t pull on his lead and will stay by your side.  He will usually come back when called, unless he is distracted by a really good scent.

It would be nice for him to live in a home and learn new things.  Preferably with no children as he has not encountered them.  Jasper loves playing search in the garden and likes to play with a rope ball and Kong.



Meet Basil the Biker!

This good-looking, outdoor-loving boy, is in need of a new home with someone as energetic as he is. Are you a fan of mountain-biking, running or any other fast-paced sport? If so, Basil will make a great exercise buddy and can keep up with you all the way, for miles every day!

Just two years old, Basil is currently living with our trainer undergoing rehabilitation, while the search is on for a suitable home. At only 11 months old, and going through an adolescent phase, Basil came into NWESSR’s care following a biting incident over resource guarding. He has made huge progress, responding exceptionally well to an outdoor exercise and training regime, both on and off the lead. He’s friendly to dogs he meets out on walks and has good recall.

So far the right home for Basil has evaded us. He needs a quiet home with one or two people, a cat-free environment and preferably as an only dog. He will benefit from space within the home, while he develops and matures into the great character he has all the potential to become.

Have you got what it takes to keep up with BASIL? If so, please complete a vetting form, mentioning BASIL in your application.


In Ozzy’s words 

I wanted to tell you that I am having a short break from finding my new home. I haven’t always shown my best side when potential adopters visit me, not that I do anything wrong, it’s just I am inclined to go on a sniffari in the paddock,  instead of engaging in polite conversation. This has led them to believe I don’t like them. But who can blame me, I am in kennels and when out  I make the most of my freedom. So NWESSR decided to teach me scenting, as this would be something I could do with new owners. I absolutely love it. 

Then one day I came out of my kennel and was so lame on my back leg I couldn’t put it down (ouch). Following an xray it seems I have ruptured my cruciate ligament. So I am booked in for an operation to repair it and this will delay my rehoming. At least I will be recuperating in a home, as a kind volunteer has offered to nurse me. I don’t seem to have the best of luck, but I am lucky to have people at NWESSR who care about me and will ensure that I am back to full fitness asap. This is despite a collective “ouch” from them at the cost of £4500 for the operation.

I hate to think what my future would have been if NWESSR were not willing to help me. Please don’t visit me with grapes as dogs are not allowed them. But If you would like to contribute to my op and help NWESSR, I would be your friend forever.

You can do this by choosing the orange donate button below or by clicking on this link