Maddie has been rehomed(April 2017)

Name: Maddie Age:  5.5 years
Sex: Female Colour: Black and White
Neutered: Yes Dog Type: Show
Vaccinated: Yes Microchip: Yes
House trained: Yes Used to being left: Yes
Cats: Used to living with a cat Other dogs: Fine
 Birds: Chases  Livestock: Fine
Lead: Pulls a bit Recall: Good
Car: Travels  well, loves a car Fine with Children: Yes
Toys and Games: Loves tennis balls  and other similar toys
  • New owners will need to understand dog body language and give them space when they show signs of being uncomfortable or anxious.
  • If you are interested in providing a forever home for Maddie and have completed our vetting process successfully(ie, home check etc), please email [email protected] expressing your interest, otherwise please complete our online vetting form to initiate the process.
  • For further information on our rehoming process, please click here


  • Please note that Maddie is diabetic and requires 2 injections every day.




Everyone, please Welcome Bayley to our Rescue Tails section of the site.

Some words from her owners:

“She was born on 10/1/2007 and is a working breed.

We picked her up from the Nwessr re-homing centre on the  25/1/2017.

She has just been out for an hour running, loves squeaky toys.

She came with one toy and now has about 10…lol..She is fast asleep now. Taking her on holiday with us in Sept. to Cornwall…cant wait…🙂 x”



Please say hello to Oscar, our first Rescue Tails recruit.

Here is some background on him and how he is settling into his new forever home.

“My name is Oscar and I’m aged one and three quarters. Officially I’m a Springer Spaniel but most humans seem to think that there’s a little bit of Collie in my heritage too because I’ve got such long legs.

The people at North West Springer Rescue think it might be a good idea to let you know what happens once a dog is adopted – so every few weeks I’ll be updating this blog with news of what’s happening to me!

In the beginning I was looked after by a family but I do get quite nervous about some loud noises and when I’m scared I tend to do what a dog can do and try to protect myself with my teeth.

This made them very nervous to be around me and so I was put up for adoption but unfortunately the next people to look after me didn’t quite understand that I don’t like to be grabbed by my collar and so I ended up using my teeth again.

I spent a week in the kennels being looked after and watched by people who really understand just how us Springers can behave – and they thought I was a lovely dog who just needed some boundaries about how to behave.

Along came my new family – a couple of humans who already had a cockerpoo and a Springer (so they knew how giddy we get about balls and birds and sheep and running and just about everything else!). I gave them my best “please take me home with you!” eyes and they fell for it – and a few days later I was on my way to my new home!

It’s been a very busy few weeks – the other two dogs kind of ignored me to start with so it helped that the new humans gave me lots of cuddles. I’ve been watching what the other two dogs do – we’re not allowed on the sofa but can sit happily on the floor, we travel in the back of the car when we go out for walks and we get a ‘night night’ biscuit when the humans go to bed at night.

My new owners wanted to make sure that I knew they would look after me so for the first few days they fed me directly from their hands rather than the food appearing in a bowl. On walks when I could run freely in the park they would give me a treat when I came back to them.

The best bit is that they know I’m not quite like their other two dogs. For some reason I get very upset when I see a shadow on the floor or the wall – I try to catch it but it always seems to move away and that makes me even more worried and I get really obsessed with trying to stop it. So at the moment they make sure that the lights in a room aren’t too bright and they try to distract me with something more fun.

They have bought me a little soft toy that I like to suck on when I’m feeling scared – it makes me feel better. They’ve also decided not to put a collar on me so that no-one can accidentally grab me and I don’t feel threatened enough to use my teeth again.

Two weeks ago the other two dogs started to play with me in the garden and now we do everything together – barking at visitors, splashing in mud and snuggling together when we sleep.

And they like the fact that I’m a bit taller than them because I can reach up in the kitchen and get human food that they can’t – yesterday it was a cupcake and half an apple pie – but I’m not sharing with them!”


Hi Everyone,

We gave Jack and Amber a home in Southport on the 12/4/14. Two beautiful soft caring dogs you could have, they fitted into our family like a jigsaw puzzle piece that had been missing.

They went on the beach for a walk every morning which they both loved. If Jack went off his lead he was like forest Gump ran, ran, ran until he could run no more. As long as Amber had her ball with her she has a happy smile on her face running along the beach, in and out of puddles when they were there, funny sight to watch.

In January Jack had a stroke, he became very confused, he had poor movement on his left side with a lot of quiet time and TLC from us all he made a slight recovery, still went out for his walks on the beach but stopped running just gentle trotting.

On Saturday the 1st April, we took him on his final walk as his legs were very weak, his eyes looked very sad also he had lost control of his bodily functions.

We took him to the vets to get assessed but knew it was Jack,s final ride, he passed peacefully in our arms.

Jack is running free like he used to over rainbow bridge. He is going to be laid to rest under his favourite lavender bush (see picture), when we pick him up from the vets.

Sorry to write this sad news with tears flowing like rivers down my face. We gave him a forever loving home, what he always wanted.

Marion, Mick, Daisymae, Barry

2016/2017 – Winter Raffle

Historically we run a raffle every year with tickets being made available to all members and supporters.

We have decided this year to expand this  so non members can purchase tickets online.

Each Raffle ticket costs £1 and will be drawn on Sunday (19/03/2017) at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), with the winners being notified accordingly.

The prizes are as follows :

1st Prize – 2 night off peak stay at the Llangollen Barns – self catering Owl Cottage 

2nd Prize – £100

3rd Prize – £50

4th Prize – £25

5th Prize – £25

6th Prize – Small Schnozz Buddy treat Mat

7th Prize – Medium Schnozz Buddy Blanket

To purchase simply send a pound for each raffle ticket that you would like to to our paypal address ([email protected]), add a note which contains your name and email address, also please use the family  and friends option, as this will keep the paypal transaction costs low.

We will then allocate you raffle numbers from our stock of unsold tickets and this page will be updated with the details

Please note : The closing date for the allocation of tickets will be midnight on Saturday(18/03) , this is to ensure that we have time to allocate tickets prior to travelling to the AGM on the SBuy unday.

Any queries please mail me at [email protected] or send a message on  our facebook page

Good Luck!