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Sponsor-a-Springer from as little as £1 per week

These very special Springers on our Sponsor-a–Springer scheme, require on going veterinary treatment and/or medication for the rest of their lives.

With financial support from NWESSR, They are able to live happy secure lives, in loving homes. This is only made possible by the generosity of NWESSR sponsors.

YOU CAN HELP TOO, by sponsoring one of our Dogs for as much as you like.

In return you will receive updates on your chosen dog, twice yearly NWESSR newsletter, and a card from your dog at Christmas.

For more information, contact Wendy Taylor on 07723475594 or email [email protected] or download a sponsor form here.


My name is Buddy and I am 6yrs old. I was taken to be checked over by the vet, because my eyes did not look quite right. The vet confirmed that I was blind in one eye and only partially sighted in the other. It was cataracts that was causing this. He thought I may have been born with eye problems. Finally after putting up with this for 6 years, someone was going to be kind enough to try and help me. If I could have an operation then hopefully my sight might be restored. It had been difficult for me in my previous home, spending too much time alone and not being able to see properly.

Such operations do not come cheap, but everyone has rallied around to find the best eye surgeon for me. The bad news is the sight in my left eye has been lost forever. But I still have partial sight in my right eye. The surgeon has decided to leave this eye alone for the time being and I will be monitored. I got conjunctivitis in both eyes and scratched my left eye so badly it caused an ulcer. It was so sore. The surgeon fitted a contact lens to try to let it heal. After 2 days it came out. I didn’t want anyone to put the 3 times daily drops in. I wriggled and struggled but I never snapped at anyone. I had to visit the vets twice daily for 2 weeks, but it paid off and I no longer have conjunctivitis. I have also got rid of the dreaded Buster collar for now.

For the first time I have been able to be more Springer like and have been enjoying the park with my canine companion.

Please help NWESSR to help me, by becoming a sponsor.

Love and licks

Buddy  xx



My name is Harvey and I am 9 years old, and as you can see, very handsome. When I came to NWESSR I was a bit wobbly, because of a grade 3 heart murmur, but it was thought to be mild and did not need any medication.

The “heart murmur” turned out to be a great deal more serious and life threatening, it was in fact a heart block not a heart murmur at all. The lower part of my heart was receiving only 3 out of every 5 electrical impulses and my pulse rate was sometimes as low as 27 beats per minute due to nerve damage. It should be between 70 and 120. No wonder I had blackouts. If this was allowed to continue, one day I would not get up ever again.

The vet said if I was suitable, he could possibly fit a pacemaker, and I could live a normal life, but it had to be done quickly. The operation went really well and my future looked much brighter. One year later, the lead displaced within my heart, which meant the pacemaker was not always in control. I was monitored and it was decided to leave it alone.

Unfortunately I got a growth in my mouth. I had to have a CT scan and biopsy, which was rather risky because of the anaesthesia. They think I have something called a dentigerous cyst. It needed operating on, but my original pacemaker would not withstand this.

Whilst all this is going on, I try to leave the worrying to the humans. I did the sensible thing and took a holiday in the Scottish Highlands for 2 weeks. It was brilliant running through the heather and swimming in the lochs, just what I needed.

Rejuvenated, in December 2015, I had a new pacemaker fitted, with a view to operating on my mouth early 2016. At the post op check- up, it was discovered the new lead had migrated into the upper chamber of my heart to join the first one. My vet is doing some research, but possibly the only other option now, is to have the lead taken in through my abdomen. Plus we still have the cyst to deal with.

All this treatment comes at a price, but I bounce back, and I am a much loved member of my family. Please would you help NWESSR to help me, by becoming a sponsor.

Love & Licks Harvey


My name is Charlie and I am 9yrs old. All my life I have suffered from what was believed to be a neurological problem. I could not feel my feet, and I chewed them badly, causing myself a lot of pain.

I have had a battery of tests at the Animal Health Trust, who have concluded that amongst other things I am allergic to house dust mites. This has been an on- going and intractable problem. I also have two deformed toes on one back foot which cause irritation.

I have to go to the vet’s every month, it has cost hundreds of pounds. The vet’s treat me for the problems they are presented with at the time, but are not able to get to the bottom of why I don’t enjoy good health. My toe had to be removed.  Plus my claws and pads become infected, the last badly damaged pad, took almost 4 months to heal.

I suffered a bad abscess in my tummy that burst before I got to surgery. The vet was hoping to see if there was something in the fluid that would help diagnose the problem, but all of the fluid had drained off before I went under.

They had a good poke around, and cleaned the area out thoroughly, but there was no obvious cause of the swelling and the repeated problems in my tummy. There is still a query over my immune system, and whether this causes issues with healing.

I am a happy boy who loves cuddles and walks, and I am a crazy springer in every way. My foster family“love me to bits” they will do anything for me, But sadly I just cannot seem to sustain any period of good health.

I will need treatment for the rest of my life, so if you could help, please think about Sponsoring me.

Lots of love

Charlie x


buster 2

My name is Buster and I am 10 years old. I was a mess when I came to NWESSR covered in ulcers and sores, due to a massive hormone imbalance. Although I am definitely a boy, I produce oestrogen (female hormone) in huge quantities. This results in poor hair growth on my body. Fortunately I like getting bathed. Which is good because I have to have regular ones’s with special shampoo, to encourage hair growth. My coat – although much improved is still quite sparse. In winter I get cold, so I wear a coat, and I sleep on a heat pad. In summer I also need a coat, as otherwise I would get sunburnt. I can’t wear any dog coat, because if they are not adequately lined, they rub my skin raw.

I am a friendly chap and like the company of other dogs. I walk miles everyday, and we usually visit a coffee shop en-route. I have attracted the wrath of bitches on a number of occasions, who seem confused by my gender. I thought this had stopped. But a bitch came from nowhere, and attacked me, leaving 4 teeth marks in my derriere. My confidence took a knock, and at the moment I am happier on my lead. Mum will work on this so I can enjoy my freedom once more.

With patience and kindness, I have made a big improvement, I even won a class at a dog show.

Please help NWESSR to continue to help me, by becoming a sponsor.

Luv Buster xx


izzy 1

My name is Izzy and I am 14 years old. Before coming to NWESSR, I had been in the same home since I was a pup, but then I developed epilepsy. This is a condition which can occur at any age. Medication is given daily, and then the dosage is lowered over a period of time. The goal is to take as little as possible, whilst still taking enough to stop the fits. I have to have blood tests periodically to check. I  take no less than 10 tablets daily. But since I have been on these, I have had no fits, so it looks like my vet has it under control.

In 2014 my foster Dad had a very bad traffic accident. NWESSR had to quickly find me a temporary foster home, whilst he took the long road to recovery. When he was able to walk again, he began to visit me in my new home, but he could see that I had settled in, and I even had some new canine chums. So it was decided I would stay put.

I am enjoying running around the small wood near my home, and there is lake which I swim in. I go on caravan holidays, and I even visited NWESSR Fun Day and won a rosette. I can do these things, thanks to the support I receive from NWESSR sponsors.

Please help NWESSR to help me, by becoming a sponsor.

Love and licks

Izzy xx