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At NWESSR we are currently dealing with an usually high number of dogs being surrendered to us and occupying kennels. As always we will endeavor to help, but please be advised that there may be a wait until we can review your situation. If you are able to keep your dog until we can place her/him in a home this would be helpful.N.B Please be careful who you entrust your dog to. A reputable dog rescue/charity will, like NWESSR, vet and home check potential homes and offer life time back up if a dog needs to be returned to their care. Private rehoming, or using social media or marketplace websites can be extremely risky.

It is likely that you are viewing this page, because you are considering making the brave decision to rehome your dog. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and we have to make changes in our lives.  If a situation has arisen which means that you need to rehome your springer, please don’t feel worried to contact us.  You can feel confident that we are here to help you. 

The decision to give up your dog we appreciate is very difficult, and we are here to support you.  Sometimes behavior issues may be at the root of the problem, we can offer help and guidance, which may mean that your springer can stay with you.  If the decision to rehome has been reached, you can be assured that your dog will go to a new forever home, where they will be safe and loved. 

In order to make sure that we find the best home for your Springer, we ask you to fill in the online surrender form, or you can call the homing officer first if you wish. This form is your dog’s CV, and is very important as it gathers as much information as possible about your dog, good and bad, we need to know everything so that your dog finds the perfect home.  Please click on the surrender form and have a look, the type of questions we ask are: your dog’s name and age, sleeping arrangements, any medical issues, exercise routine, microchip number, how well your dog travels, if they are good with cats, livestock and children, and if there have been any specific problems.  Please be honest, we will always help, but we need to know everything, to make sure we find the correct home as quickly as possible.

You can be sure  NWESSR will find your dog an excellent home. We have a waiting list of approved homes.  Some homes are very active and offer young springers hours of exercise, we also have homes waiting for golden oldies looking for a steadier lifestyle.  We pride ourselves in being different regarding the vetting of potential homes for our springers. We ask applicants to complete the online vetting form, if this is passed to the next stage, a member of the homing team will telephone for a chat.  If this is successful a home check will be arranged.  If the applicant passes the home check, they become an approved home.  NWESSR has strict criteria for passing homes.  For anyone looking to adopt one of our springers, it is preferable that they have experience of Springers or another active breed.  Homes with children under the age of 6, cannot be considered. Prospective owners must not leave the dog for more than 4 hours unless in rare and exceptional circumstances.  Ideally, adopters will have experience in identifying and knowing how to deal with behavior issues, plus financial security in order to ensure that the dog receives appropriate health care and a good diet.  NWESSR offers ongoing help and support to adopted dogs and their new owners.  We carry out home checks after placement, to make sure your dog is settling into their new home. Should the circumstances of the new owner change at any time, and they can no longer care for the dog, he /she will be returned back into NWESSR care, for subsequent rehoming.

Once we have received your completed surrender form, the homing officer will get in touch with you to have a chat about your Springer, and to understand your circumstances.  We will then arrange for your dog either to stay with you until a new home is found, if that is what you prefer, stay temporarily with one of our foster homes or come into our kennels in Clitheroe.  The kennels are in the countryside offering 90 acres of land, up to four daily walks and river swimming. If your dog needs further education prior to being rehomed, experienced trainers are on hand to provide only reward based training. After a successful rehoming, you can always contact NWESSR for an update regarding your dog.

So, if you need our help, please do get in touch At NWESSR every dog is part of our family.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a dog we have loved and cared for find their new forever home.

If you want to surrender your dog please contact 01613274098


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