Rehome your dog

The first step is to contact the Homing Officer. You will be asked some questions, and advised if the charity may be able to help. Please give us as much warning as possible, especially if you have a timescale regarding when you need your dog re-homed, you need to tell us. Please leave a message if you are not able to speak to someone straightaway. Our Homing Officer will endeavour to call you as soon as possible.

It is preferable to rehome dogs without the need to board them in kennels. This is less stressful for dogs, and also free’s up the limited spaces, available to the charity in boarding kennels. This is a good option, if you are able to keep your dog until a home is found for them.

If we are able to help, a donation at the time of surrender is most welcome.

We need to know:

Tell us about your Springer, including his/her likes and dislikes, good points and problems, so that we can find the best possible new home for him/her. It is important to be as honest as possible, so that we can work with any problems, medical or behavioural, so that we can address them when your dog is surrendered.

We also need to know your location and the reason that you need us to re-home your Springer or Springers – If a pair of dogs is surrendered to NWESSR, we will always strive to re-home both into the same new home wherever possible.

Be assured that ALL of the homes that we choose for our dogs are thoroughly vetted. Once surrendered to us your dog will always be a “NWESSR Dog”. We encourage new owners to keep us updated with the dog’s progress.

Please give us a call. If you find surrender difficult, why not ask a friend or family member to make the initial approach. Alternatively, you could make the initial contact by email. Our Homing Officer contact number and email address are detailed on the Contacts Page.

Seeking Forever Loving Homes for Rescue Special Springers