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This page contains information on dogs which have been re-homed.

Beck & Bane

I just have to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to NWESSR for their incredible dedication in bringing families and furry friends together! Earlier this year, our family was lucky enough to welcome two amazing Springer Spaniel brothers, Beck and Bane, into our home thanks to their wonderful work.

From day one, these boys have melted seamlessly into our lives, filling our days with love and laughter. It’s like they’ve always been a part of the family! Their sweet personalities, love for cuddles, and boundless energy for adventures in the woods and on the beach have brought so much joy into our lives.

And let’s talk about their love for water – it’s infectious! They’re like little water-loving magicians, always finding a pond to splash in during our outings.

If you’re thinking about adding a Springer Spaniel to your family, I can’t recommend NWESSR enough! Our experience with them has been absolutely amazing. Their dedication and professionalism made the adoption process smooth sailing, and we’re forever grateful for the joy Beck and Bane have brought into our lives.



Hi, I’m Bailey and I’m here to share my good news!

In January I was in need of a new home. My owners turned to NWESSR for help, and they found a wonderful person who wanted to adopt me. I’m only a youngster, and I’m still a bit of a cheeky rascal, so it was important to choose someone with plenty of time and patience for a Springer like me!

Fast forward a few weeks and here I am – loving life, learning lots and enjoying my lovely walks in the countryside. When I’m tired from all the fun, I lie down and do the big Springer Sprawl in my favourite place!



Hello, I’m Springer Sam! I’ve been adopted through NWESSR and now I live in Lancashire with my new Mum and Dad.

Mum works from home and I like to sleep under her desk by the side of her feet whilst she is working. I’m very happy about this because it means I’m not on my own all day.

I love my walks, especially when there’s water to go in! We go to lots of different places, which is a Springer’s idea of heaven, and for a special treat we go to a secure field where I can run about off the lead.

My Mum and Dad love me to bits and give me lots of affection and I think I’m a very lucky Springer!



his is Coco, an adorable liver/white girl who is here with NWESSR looking for her forever home.


Coco is two years nine months old and is here because her previous owner has had changes in her family life, which means Coco is not having the time spent with her that they think she needs. 


Coco is happy to be around extended family dogs and has lived with an older dog in her previous home.


She tends to be a little shy around new dogs, but does not seem to have an issue with cats and birds. She loves her long walks and will respond to her name when called, particularly enjoying off lead walks.


Coco has lived with children 6-16 years and enjoys sharing the family sofa being nice and close. She travels in the car and gets excited when shoes go on and it’s time for a walk. 


This happy girl needs a new home with someone who will enjoy long walks with Coco, having lots of companionable times, a coffee shared with a doggy puppuccino – so many things Coco will enjoy.


If you think you can be that person to give Coco her forever home then please visit where you can find out more about adopting a Springer and a link to our online application form.



Hello folks, it’s Fernando here – remember me? Well here I am, living my best life in my new home. It didn’t take long for me to find my forever family.

I live with my new Mum and Dad and my big brother Snoopy (the handsome one on the right). Snoopy and I are besties!

I’m only 9 months old and I’ve got a lot to learn. At the moment we are working on my recall, which is great fun because it means I get lots of treats. I’m getting better and will be able to go off the lead soon.

A lady from NWESSR called to check on my progress and my parents told her that I’m getting on really well and it feels like I’m part of the family.

Far be it for me to blow my own trumpet but they are clearly besotted with me and feel that they have been so lucky to adopt me. I’m so happy, love and licks, Fernando.


Here is handsome Henry, a one year old liver/white Springer who had come to NWESSR through no fault of his own.

Due to Henry’s owners having a change in their working life Henry spends six to seven hours a day alone. They have decided they will rehome him as this is not what they want for him.

Henry is used to having a one hour walk in the morning, he enjoys being off lead in the field and is comfortable around livestock as he has always lived in the countryside and has grown up around birds and different livestock.

In the evening he will have another walk. If he is on the lead his owners find he walks best on a slip rope over the nose.  He has been whistle trained and will respond to this when he is out and playing with his much treasured ball.

Henry has not lived with children and only had experience with a three year old who he was happy to accept a stroke from. His owners have described Henry as cuddly, lovable and one who cannot resist a tummy tickle. 

A home for Henry will need someone who will enjoy continuing his training as he grows and someone who will enjoy long active walks with an activity fun time thrown in the mix.

If you think this handsome boy is for you please visit

Luna and Nelly

These two gorgeous girls have come to NWESSR through no fault of their own. Nelly is the younger sister of the two and does depend on her elder sister Luna, as they have always lived together.

The girls have to find a new home due to a big change in the family circumstances, which has changed the original idea of them being working dogs, as this is now no longer the case.

Luna and Nelly have spent their lives outside in kennels, they see the family children of the home on a regular basis but having spent their lives living outside it’s not like living in a warm cosy home in front of the fire, which they will likely enjoy going forward.

Nelly is a stunning three and a half year old, liver and white in colour with the most appealing eyes. She will need work on her recall and readjustment to the new routine as any dog who has a change of ownership, each home is individual and they all need that settling in time.

Luna is a pretty girl of six years, liver and white in colour. She is good on the lead and she loves to walk and enjoys time off lead having dog fun sniffing and enjoying the countryside. She will play with her toys and retrieve them.

 Nelly and Luna are such a close pair having spent a long together and because Nelly tends to depend on Luna as the older sister, it would be best for them if they can go to a new home together.

If you could give Luna and Nelly a loving home with long walks and enjoy spending time with them please visit


Hello! My name is Milo, I’m a year old this month and I’m a lucky boy to have found a new home, thanks to NWESSR.


My hobbies are running about in mud and big puddles, having my photo taken, making friends, getting my hair dried and making as much mischief as I can!


Everyone I meet loves me, my family adore me and I’m living my best life now!

Can you help keep Beck and Bane together?

Beck and Bane are very bonded 7 year old litter brothers who have lived together all of their lives, They were originally trained as gundogs but have always lived in the house as companion animals and have not worked for a few years.  They have lived happily with children and another dog. Given other commitments, their owner has sadly concluded that  Bane and Beck need a new home with more time to spend with them.  They are strong dogs and have a tendency to pull on the lead, but are good off the lead and once they get to know you will stay close to you. 

The current cost of living crisis makes it more challenging for NWESSR to find homes for pairs of dogs, but we would hate to separate Bane and Beck. If you can offer them an active home together and have  lots of time for fun and walks with  them, please apply mentioning Bane and Beck in your application.


Bailey is 1yr 10 months, the first year of his life was fine and he was happy. But then his world was turned upside down when a baby arrived. At this crucial stage in his life, he now had to compete for attention and his owners no longer had the time to train and exercise him. Understandably Bailey was unhappy with this new situation and struggled to make sense of it. Bailey was left with friends for a week or so, to give the new parents space. Shortly afterwards he was neutered for medical reasons, due to an undescended testicle. All these changes really unsettled poor Bailey. Having been house trained, at around this point, he seemed to be anxious  and started urinating in the house.  While this behaviour is less pronounced now, when confronted with new people in the home, who make him scared, he can wee. To get attention, even if that might be negative, he started to take things he should not have, particularly things related to the baby, i.e a sock or the baby’s toys. He could be stubborn, when he didn’t want to give then up, but as he is food/treat motivated they can be used as a swop. In a new situation recently, Bailey was getting excitable and seeking attention, he grabbed at clothes and on one occasion caused bruising. Bailey would prefer new owners who are around a lot, as he was been left for 6 hours which is not acceptable and sometimes showed his dismay by being destructive. Bailey needs to feel part of the pack, so it would be preferable not to shut him in a room behind a solid door, but instead use a baby gate if necessary. He is quite alert to noises and will bark. Bailey would benefit from being completely ignored if he does this and rewarded with a “good boy”, whenever he is quiet, so that he realises what action gets him the preferred attention.

Bailey  has not lived with a dog but has stayed with an older terrier bitch  with whom he got on fine. Outside of the home he generally likes other dogs though he can be  wary of bigger dogs, especially black labs having been attacked on one occasion. He has lived happily with a young cat who was in the home just before he arrived. He seems not bothered by or interested in birds  or livestock.

Like many young springers, Bailey pulls on the lead, especially at the start of a walk, so a new owner will need to work on this. Off lead his recall is quite good and while he runs ahead, he generally checks back when called. A new owner will need to continue to establish this.

Bailey is an affectionate boy. He needs an active but quiet, child free home, with understanding owners, who will have time to give him lots of attention and exercise and earn his trust. It is likely he could live with a dog/cat.

Bailey has missed out on so much so far. Not surprisingly, emotionally he is not as old as stated officially. A sympathetic owner willing to help him rebuild his confidence, will reap the benefits of a great companion for years to come and with the knowledge they have changed Bailey’s life for the better.