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This page contains information on dogs which have been re-homed.


Hi, remember me? I’m Tilly and I was looking for a home earlier this year. Well, let me tell you, I’ve landed on my feet – or should I say my paws!

I’ve moved to the North West and I live with my new Dad. I’ve bonded with him and we are best mates. He took me camping to the Lake District and I loved every minute of it!

I’m a happy girl, and I’m living my best life now.


Hello, I’m Maggie and I’m a very happy puppy in the new home that NWESSR found for me!

My new owner describes me as a ‘bright little dog’ and they are teaching me lots of fun things to do 😊We play lots of games and I’m really good at the sniffing one. I’ve still got to master the art of loose-lead walking and not jumping up, which is very very difficult for a giddy puppy, but I’m trying my best and I know I’ll get there in the end! My Mum says I’m a ‘work in progress’, but I’m going to be worth it!

To apply to adopt a dog from NWESSR, please visit our website


“Hello, I’m Flora, and I’m a very lucky girl. I was adopted in August and now I have a Forever Family that love me 😍

Since I came to live in my new home, life has been wonderful. I have all sorts of toys and a big comfy bed to sleep on.  We go for lots of lovely walks and I’ve got new doggie friends to play with! I have everything a Springer could possibly want and I’m so very happy.”

If you think you could give a Springer a new home, please visit



When we posted the appeal for Mabel we thought she would be popular, but even so, we couldn’t have imagined how many people wanted to adopt her 😍 We were bowled over!

Fast forward three months and here she is, settled into her new home and enjoying daily adventures as you can see! Her family describe her as ‘good as gold and gentle with everyone’.

If you’d like to adopt a Springer from NWESSR, you’ll find more information about what we’re looking for here:


We’d like to introduce little Charlie, who is now available for adoption.

Charlie is only five months old. He’s a much loved pet, but sadly his owners are no longer able to work from home, and going to daycare most days is unsuitable for such a young puppy. They have reluctantly decided that he needs a new home.

Charlie is described as friendly and affectionate, he lives with another older dog and gets on very well with him. He is well socialised around adults, responds well to training, and is quick to learn and eager to please.  He loves to play, will retrieve items and give them up. In the home Charlie loves a cuddle.

Charlie needs an active home with people who will have time to give him lots of attention and exercise and continue his training. He has always lived with another dog for company and would benefit from having an older dog in the household, but is a bit too boisterous to live with children.

If you can help Charlie please visit you can find out more about adopting a Springer from NWESSR.


Hello, my name is Coco, I’m 3, and you might remember me from when I was looking for a forever home earlier this year.

I want everyone to know that I was adopted by a lovely couple and they are delighted with me! My Dad has taught me some tricks which I’m VERY good at 😁

We are a very happy family indeed!

If you’d like to know more about adopting a lovely Springer like me, please visit


Three months ago Cookie, a 4 year old Springer cross, was adopted from NWESSR.

Like most rescue dogs, Cookie came with a few little issues, but his new owners gave him time and space, understood his needs and allowed him to settle in at his own pace.

Cookie wants to say a big Thank You to everyone who helped him, and reports that he is very happy in his new home!

We would like to say Well Done Cookie and his new family!



Please meet Bruno who is now available for adoption.

This gorgeous boy has come into our care due to changes in his owner’s work and home life which have unsettled him, so he has come to us to find a new home.

Bruno is four years old. He’s a lively and boisterous Springer who likes being out and about, and going places. He’s very playful and loves a game of fetch.

Bruno needs to find a home where he will get enough company and attention. As a young Springer he’ll need a lot of exercise so we’re looking for someone who’s got plenty of time and energy to devote to him.

If this sounds like you, and you’d like to adopt Bruno, or another Springer seeking a forever home, please visit



“Hello, I’m Rufus in my new home that NWESSR found for me earlier this year!

Can you believe I’m 10 years old? I know, I look much younger 😂I’m a bit camera shy but I’m hoping that you will still find me handsome and adorable 😍

My new owners told me that I’m co-operative and obedient, a lovely friendly dog who gets on with everyone.  Wow, that’s good! They’ve taken me to the pub in the village which is brilliant, even though I’m not allowed a pint!”

We are so happy for Rufus and his new family. They are delighted with him and love him and he is there to stay.


Remember Tina who was looking for a new home earlier this year?

Here she is living her best life with her new family who describe her as a ‘joy’. Tina apparently loves to carry shoes and loves the odd bit of cheese 😁  She’s been to Scotland and the Cotswolds and has taken it all in her stride.

It’s heartwarming to see her having such a wonderful time 😍