Foster Carers

North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue is a society run by dedicated volunteers who donate some or all of their spare time to foster or find homes for unwanted, stray and ill-treated Springers.

We are particularly keen to find new short term foster homes. Sometimes short-term fostering is needed when kennels are not available or the dog could be overly distressed in such an environment. This might be needed for a day or two or a few weeks. Kennelling is expensive and the release of some of those precious funds can be used to better advantage if kind-hearted volunteers are in the position to offer a temporary home to an unfortunate Springer.

So, you may be wondering whether fostering is for you?

Possible medical/psychological/physical problems – It’s useful to be aware of possible medical problems including any medication or support a dog needs. It is equally important to understand that, depending on the situation that the dog has been handed over, that they may also have psychological or physical problems ….. You may spend a while getting to know the issues and in some case, cleaning up a lot, but you soon get used to this. For dogs with psychological problems, apart from an awful lot of patience and support good canine books are useful in explaining behavioural traits or try asking someone with experience. NWESSR has this support available.


Springers are energetic little creatures who are often impossible to wear out so it is essential (as with all dogs of course) to give them regular exercise.


As well as general grooming Springer Spaniels’ ears need a special eye kept on them as they are noted for having ear problems.

Food and other provisions

As a Foster Carer, you would provide free food and shelter for the dog. Whilst NWEESR would take care of any vet’s fees


NWESSR trustees provide invaluable support to foster carers and make sure that they have everything that they need, also being an ‘ear’ at the end of a phone if you need a chat!! They make sure that on handing over a dog to you that you are absolutely fine with the situation. After explaining thoroughly what the circumstances of the rescue are they make sure you have contact numbers should you need any advice/help.

It is reassuring to hear from them, as they will phone you to check that all is well and we usually keep them up-to-date with the dog’s progress. They will also inform you of any possible new homes.

Your rewards

The hard work it can entail is nothing in comparison to the rewards you get. Each dog has his/her own character and little ways about them and they can make you laugh and cry many times over. Some don’t find it easy parting with the dogs when they have a new home lined up, but one thing to remember is that NWESSR tries to find the perfect home and … there are, sadly, many more dogs looking for a short-term space in your home instead of living in kennels, even if it is short-term.

Most importantly, as a Foster Carer, it is imperative that you have plenty of unconditional love, patience and time for these dogs.

If you are interested in Fostering and would like any further information, please email us at:   We would be only too happy to hear from you.

Rehoming English Springer Spaniels since 1995

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