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This page contains information on dogs which have been re-homed.


We are happy to say that Oskar is settling in well to his new home in Derbyshire with his new family and a Springer sister.


His owners describe him as a lovely dog who wants to please, and they are very attached to him.  


Another happy ending for a NWESSR dog!



Could you be the friend that 3.5yrs Milo is waiting for ?

Milo came to NWESSR after his owner temporarily moved back in with her parents and their two dogs. There was an altercation over a toy and as it is last in first out, young Milo had to leave.

Milo had not had a stable home life and as a result he arrived anxious and afraid of new people and situations. An understanding that Milo’s difficulties are based on fear is vital, he will try his best to avoid confrontation.

In kennels and with our trainer, Milo has made real progress, he shows natural obedience and has really started to enjoy agility. He loves to go out walking with our volunteer dogwalker. A patient, dedicated new owner, willing to carry on with his training, will make all the difference to this young boy.

He would so much love to find a quiet, supportive new home, without other pets or children.

Its plain to see that Milo’s experience of women has been more favourable so far and he does gravitate towards them. This led us to think a female owner would be preferable. However, he has gained confidence with men also whilst with NWESSR and we now believe he just needs someone who will be gentle towards him and help to give him the fresh start he deserves.

If you can offer Milo the home he needs, please visit where you can find out more about adopting a Springer from NWESSR.




Here’s young pup Ben who has settled really well into his new home. He is having a great time with his new big brother who he follows everywhere. Ben loves his walks in the park, and his recall is excellent. When he’s not playing he likes to fall asleep by his new owners side, with good old cuddles in the evening.


Hello, my name is Boston, I’m five years old this month, and I’m here to tell you just how much I like my new home that NWESSR found for me a few weeks ago 💓💓

Since I arrived I’ve been a very good boy, even if I say so myself! I just need to get a bit better at my recall so we’re going to do some training to help me.

I do have to add a disclaimer that I’m not usually as clean as this so please don’t be fooled 😁I like a muddy walk – the longer the better. I’m lying by the washing machine here, I think my humans sometimes wish they could put me in it! 🤣🤣🤣

If you would like to adopt a Springer, please visit


Joey (was Bruno)

My name is Joey, I’m four years old and my claim to fame is that I am the fastest doggy in my village Park Run!

I’ve had a few ups and downs recently but I’m very pleased to say I am now in my forever home, and what a lovely home it is! We live near the coast in North Yorkshire, so playing on the beach and splashing about in the sea are my new pastimes. I go to work with my Mum and when I’m there I get to meet and play with other lovely dogs, which is great as I LOVE socialising.

I’m a happy boy, my family loves me and I’m living my best life.


Two-year old Bailey has settled in to her new home really well. Her new owner told us “She is a real character. She loves her walks and playing ball in the garden (at 7.00am!). At home she spends a great deal of time on her back with all 4 paws in the air. Or watching what is going on intently. She learns really quickly. She loves going in the car. She has got used to the routine and is a wonderful addition to our family.”


Two-year old Bella came into our care earlier this year, looking for a new home. Bella has settled in with her new family and they say it feels like she has always been there with them.  Bella’s family are very active and she is enjoying lots of exercise and her favourite activity – playing ball!



Hello, Sasha here, writing to you from my new home in Lancashire, and I’ve got so much to tell you!

Where to start? Well, I have a new family now and we are all very happy together, I’ve even made friends with the cat. We go out for walks in woods and countryside, and I go running with my Dad a couple of times a week too. We also go away in our camper van and I’ve even been to the top of Helvellyn!

I’m a very lucky Springer, thank you to everyone who has helped me!



Hello, my name’s Bruno, I’m only 10 months old and still a bit giddy!

I needed a new home so NWESSR found me a family who wanted a dog just like me, young and energetic. We go out and about together, sometimes to the beach, and we play lots of games, which I think might be ‘training’ but it’s lots of fun!

I’m living my best life now and I’m a very happy pup.