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Dear Springer Rescue

Thank you for finding me my new forever home, I like it very much and have settled in.

I have a new brother Sam, he tells me that he was part of the Springer Rescue family 13 years ago when he came to this forever home and has loved it here.  We go for lead walks together, but he can’t manage the long walks as he is now 14 years old, so I have to do those on my own.

I have discovered two lovely walks on my own.  One is a large field with a railway line to one side and strange things fly by on it, but they are far too fast for me to chase after so I have learnt to ignore them for now!  The other walk is a 5 acre park with lots of trees, a pond and mud puddles so I can have mud baths and keep my skin soft and smooth.  I’m sure my new family don’t mind because they have a plaque near my bed that says I’m a mud magnet, among other things.

I’m training my new family.  They now know that they don’t need to pull on my lead when we are out for a lead walk.  When I’m let off the lead at the Park I love the fact that they have a whistle, which is great because they blow it when they get lost and it helps me to find them.  When I first arrived, I couldn’t get them to understand me, it must be the difference between the Lancashire and Yorkshire accents.  Now that we do understand each other I don’t have to bark as much and the house is much quieter.  Outside though, when I’m on my lead, I feel that I still have to tell other dogs that my new family are nervous about meeting other dogs, so I bark a lot with a high pitched bark.  Hopefully one day we will get things sorted.

I went to church with my new family, on the first Sunday, as they don’t feel confident at leaving me on my own – they must have some sort of separation anxiety.  It was fine until I decided I was bored and somebody else was as they came to talk to me in the aisle.  We had a conversation which had to be cut short when my new dad must have decided he was bored too, so we went for a walk in the park – when we got back to the church, it was treat time so I didn’t miss out on a drink and some dog biscuits.

I’ve struggled with the size of the keys on my new family’s lap-top so I have had to dictate this letter to you so that they could type it up.  Hopefully they will either buy me a computer with larger keys or will type up another letter when I can find time to dictate another one.

Lots of licks and barks

Webmaster Role

**Job Advert: Webmasterfor North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue**

**Position:** Webmaster 

**Location:** Remote 

**Type:** Volunteer


**About Us:**

North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of English Springer Spaniels. We are looking for a dedicated webmaster to join our team and help maintain our online presence.


**Key Responsibilities:**

– Managing and updating our WordPress site (posting, editing content, etc.)

– Creating and editing Google Forms for various purposes

– Maintaining and managing email accounts through a user-friendly interface



– Basic knowledge of WordPress, including posting and editing content

– Experience with creating and editing Google Forms

– Ability to maintain email accounts via a user interface


**Additional Information:**

– A handover from the current webmaster will be provided to ensure a smooth


– This is a volunteer position, perfect for someone passionate about animal

rescue and looking to make a meaningful contribution.


**How to Apply:**

If you feel that you have what it takes, please contact us at


Join us in making a difference in the lives of English Springer Spaniels!


Basil has just had his first Gotcha Day, what a delight he is . From a somewhat anxious dog in the beginning, he is flourishing & enjoying every life opportunity we have given him, even travelling is less traumatic for him. We took him to Mull in late August & Skinningrove on the N.E Yorkshire coast in September. He just loved the beach, the sea, the freedom. Thank you NWSSR for our new boy.



Jasper has found himself a forever home. Despite a few early problems which NWESSR helped with, Jasper is settling in well now,  he still needs a little refinement,  but he has improved considerably. He is quite nervous when  meeting new people and it did take him a little while to get used to NWESSR Home Checker visiting. No signs of aggression in anyway just very nervous to come and say hello, but they got there in the end and even had a little play.  


His new owners are happy and pleased with the way Jasper is learning new things. He is relaxed and we are sure he will continue to improve. He is still young and will benefit from being in a stable home and having another springer there to help him. Jasper had been to the groomers and the girls there said he was an angel. 




It’s rapidly approaching one year since we met and fell for Brodie. He is such a key member of our large pack including his extended cousins and I can honestly say that he is enjoying every moment of his life. He loves his numerous caravan holidays especially when water is involved, considering when we first got him he wouldn’t put both his front feet into our local reservoir at the same time. He has got out on the fells on numerous occasions. And he was also very proud of himself when he won his cup at the NWESSR event in June, well I was slightly more proud. Looking forward to another year of doggy activities.


When we posted the appeal for Mabel we thought she would be popular, but even so, we couldn’t have imagined how many people wanted to adopt her 😍 We were bowled over!

Fast forward three months and here she is, settled into her new home and enjoying daily adventures as you can see! Her family describe her as ‘good as gold and gentle with everyone’.

If you’d like to adopt a Springer from NWESSR, you’ll find more information about what we’re looking for here:


Hello everyone! I’m Molly and I’m here to tell you that I’m a very lucky girl indeed!

I needed a new home earlier this year and NWESSR helped me. I live with my new Dad and together we look after the countryside, which is a very important thing to do. I think my job is to test the mud and water and as you can see, I’m very good at that!

I know my Dad loves me because I heard him telling the lady from NWESSR that we are both very happy, and he wouldn’t swap me for the earth. Wow!

Thank you, lots of love, Molly 🥳😍🥳


Ronnie and Luna

Remember Ronnie and Luna? Well, we’ve had an update from their lovely new family……

“Good day, let me update you on “the children” Ronnie and Luna, they are both happy and a wonderful handful and we love them dearly! Our house is no longer ours but they are welcome to it. Luna turned 7 years old this week and got a huge bone as a present, plus treats from all the relatives. She continues to be a free spirit and just loves to fly around our fields and wood chasing anything that moves!!!! Ronnie is enjoying himself in his own laid back way, totally obsessed with balls! ( the photo of him looking where the balls are kept! such dedication) But he is so loveable and patient as he tolerates Luna grabbing the balls out of his mouth. Be assured they are both well, healthy and full of life, we are looking to take them to the Borders or Northumberland this summer/autumn, both dog friendly places, so they can run and run!
Our life has been taken over by them, perhaps more than we expected but we love them to bits and wouldn’t have it any other way, they are together and fully enjoying life! “

Jesse James nee Dexter

Four years old Jesse James nee Dexter, after  joining his owners wild swimming in the river, modelling his brand new dry robe!

He has really settled in very well He loves running and is responding well to instructions. He’s a very smart dog and remembers where his owners have hidden his toys when it’s time to have a rest!. He is tired out at the end of the day as he has two long walks and is also playing out in the paddock for hours during the day. The dog next door comes calling for him each day and they chase each other around the garden.I think he’s really happy in his new home and it’s clear he was really well cared for at his previous home.