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Happy Advent from Hoover!

Happy Advent from Hoover!

  Its been a while since we updated you about Hoover, so it seemed appropriate for him to launch our brand new online NWESSR Advent Calendar!  Each day during December we will be posting a beautiful Christmas-themed photo of a NWESSR dog on our Facebook and Instagram pages, and Hoover and everyone at NWESSR would love you to join us along the way!

Many of you already know Hoover’s story but, if not, you can read below how it costs NWESSR around £6,500per year to provide his long-term care.  It’s just over a year since we asked for your help to ensure that we can keep him safe, as healthy as possible, and a happy boy.  Your response throughout the year has been amazing,and we are incredibly grateful for your support, thank you.

At 13 years old, Hoover’s starting to feel his age at times, and now suffers from arthritis, for which he has medication.  Although he is sometimes a little unsteady, he is still eager to go for his walks – both with kennel staff and two volunteer dog walkers and has enjoyed some lovely Autumn walks.

If you’d like to get into the Christmas spirit and send Hoover a little gift, then please click on the Donate button below.

This is Hoover’s story:

Hoover is a relatively healthy 13-year-old lad with a passion for life, country walks, and his own personal space.  Unfortunately, through no fault of his own, Hoover has been rehomed four times since we first met him 11 years ago!  

It isn’t fair on Hoover to keep uprooting him to try out new homes, so the decision has been made to let him stay in the kennels in Lancashire where he is very settled – enjoying his bracing daily walks, ball games and the very understanding staff there.

This is an unusual course of action for NWESSR but is definitely the best option for Hoover.  

However, this situation calls for much more funding than our regular rehomed dogs, and we are desperately looking for sponsors to help us cover the costs of his long-term care which is about £6,500 per year.

Keeping Hoover in kennels is not cheap: 

Kennel Cost


Special Food











This is a huge demand on our funds and we really need your help.

If only 150 people signed up for regular monthly donations of £4, this would cover his costs and you will know that you have helped Hoover live out his days safely.

To donate click on the DONATE BUTTON HERE
Thank you.



Our calendars and cards are now available to purchase, featuring beautiful photos of dogs adopted from our charity

Calendars are A4 size with plenty of room to write your notes and Christmas Cards are 7 x 5 inches available in packs of 6 different designs

Calendars are £9.75 each and Pack of six cards £3.50 including postage and packing.

Place your orders now by clicking on this link –




Meet Basil the Biker!

This good-looking, outdoor-loving boy, is in need of a new home with someone as energetic as he is. Are you a fan of mountain-biking, running or any other fast-paced sport? If so, Basil will make a great exercise buddy and can keep up with you all the way, for miles every day!

Just two years old, Basil is currently living with our trainer undergoing rehabilitation, while the search is on for a suitable home. At only 11 months old, and going through an adolescent phase, Basil came into NWESSR’s care following a biting incident over resource guarding. He has made huge progress, responding exceptionally well to an outdoor exercise and training regime, both on and off the lead. He’s friendly to dogs he meets out on walks and has good recall.

So far the right home for Basil has evaded us. He needs a quiet home with one or two people, a cat-free environment and preferably as an only dog. He will benefit from space within the home, while he develops and matures into the great character he has all the potential to become.

Have you got what it takes to keep up with BASIL? If so, please complete a vetting form, mentioning BASIL in your application.


Meet Milo. He’s three and a half years old and he’s looking for an extra special home, as he’s quite a fearful and anxious little fellow.

Milo gets frightened  easily, so he needs a very calm, quiet home with no children or other animals.  He needs an experienced, patient owner with plenty of time to devote to continuing his training, and who will take time to introduce him to new situations. We think he might be happiest living with just one person and he seems to be more comfortable around women.

Milo’s got lots of potential. He enjoys his time outside, loves a good sniff and a run around. He’s also a fan of some agility activities, though scared of tunnels and confined spaces. He’s very eager and quick to learn and loves to do tricks.

If you can offer Milo the home he needs, please visit where you can find out more about adopting a Springer from NWESSR.




We’d like to introduce little Charlie, who is now available for adoption.

Charlie is only five months old. He’s a much loved pet, but sadly his owners are no longer able to work from home, and going to daycare most days is unsuitable for such a young puppy. They have reluctantly decided that he needs a new home.

Charlie is described as friendly and affectionate, he lives with another older dog and gets on very well with him. He is well socialised around adults, responds well to training, and is quick to learn and eager to please.  He loves to play, will retrieve items and give them up. In the home Charlie loves a cuddle.

Charlie needs an active home with people who will have time to give him lots of attention and exercise and continue his training. He has always lived with another dog for company and would benefit from having an older dog in the household, but is a bit too boisterous to live with children.

If you can help Charlie please visit you can find out more about adopting a Springer from NWESSR.


Please meet Bruno who is now available for adoption.

This gorgeous boy has come into our care due to changes in his owner’s work and home life which have unsettled him, so he has come to us to find a new home.

Bruno is four years old. He’s a lively and boisterous Springer who likes being out and about, and going places. He’s very playful and loves a game of fetch.

Bruno needs to find a home where he will get enough company and attention. As a young Springer he’ll need a lot of exercise so we’re looking for someone who’s got plenty of time and energy to devote to him.

If this sounds like you, and you’d like to adopt Bruno, or another Springer seeking a forever home, please visit



On the last Sunday in June, we held our annual Dogs Day Out at Lower Withington Village Hall in Cheshire.  Once again, there were a lot of familiar faces, but quite a few new ones too this year, which was lovely to see.

As always, a sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone who came along on the day, offered to help, and donated prizes for the event.  We just couldn’t do it without your support!

In the lead up to the event, it was looking like it would be a real scorcher, but on the day the weather was relatively kind.  We nearly made it to the end of the day before the heavens opened and we all got drenched – but not quite!

There were more entries in the Dog Show classes this year – particularly Loveliest Lady and Fabulous Fella – all expertly registered once again by John in the entry tent, with Nicki doing a grand job as the new Steward.  The competition was stiff, but always good fun!

These were the results of each class:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

4th Place

1 – Loveliest Lady



Molly & Pip






2 – Fabulous Fella









3 – Waggiest Tail









4 – Best Veteran









5 – Best 6 Legs









6 – Best Paw Shaker







Billy & Buster


7 – Best NWESSR Dog









8 – Best Rescue











The Dog Agility course was as popular as ever, with Eric keeping an experienced eye on the proceedings.  Chris and family did a great job of taking over the reins in the Dog Show Jumping ring, while Marie had to be quick on the draw with the stopwatch in the Fastest Recall, and Joy, Cath and friends did a fantastic job running the Gun Dog Scurry for the first time.  There were some very fast times in all the have-a go activities this year!

These were the winners and times for each of the Champions:




Dog Show Jumping Champion

Lady Bella



Dog Show Jumping Veteran




Fastest Recall Champion




Fastest Recall Veteran




Gun Dog Scurry Champion




Gun Dog Scurry Veteran





Sarah and Carol were kept busy again in the café in the village hall, serving up wonderful homemade cakes and drinks.  Thank you to everyone who brought cakes for us to sell this year.  Pizza Principles also came along again and supported NWESSR by making a donation for every delicious pizza they sold on the day.

A big ‘thank you’ to Elaine and David for running the tombola and raffle, and to Bill and Elaine for watching over the NWESSR stand.  This year we were supported by Pet Portraits by Avril, Ren & Thread, and Mel selling some fantastic cards – thank you all for your contributions to NWESSR.  It was a bit of a rush to keep everything on the stands dry at the end of the day, but everyone did a great job!

Our fabulous photographer, Janet, captured some great images throughout the day of the dog classes, have-a go activities, as well as individual dogs.  These will be posted on the website separately.

Special thanks to the ‘usual suspects’, and several new volunteers including Sara, Joy, Elaine, Karen and Andy, who came early to help set everything up, and, of course, to those who stayed to help pack everything away – and got drenched in the process!

It’s impossible to mention everyone personally, but nevertheless NWESSR is extremely grateful to ALL the volunteers who helped in any way with the event.

As usual, the proceeds from the day will go a long way in helping us to continue our work, so thank you once again for your support.

Next year, Dogs Day Out will be on Sunday, 30th June 2024, so make a note of the date and we’ll hopefully see you again for another great day!


Julie Hesmondhalgh (NWESSR Fundraising Co-ordinator) & Elaine Wood (Dogs Day Out Co-ordinator)




In Ozzy’s words 

I wanted to tell you that I am having a short break from finding my new home. I haven’t always shown my best side when potential adopters visit me, not that I do anything wrong, it’s just I am inclined to go on a sniffari in the paddock,  instead of engaging in polite conversation. This has led them to believe I don’t like them. But who can blame me, I am in kennels and when out  I make the most of my freedom. So NWESSR decided to teach me scenting, as this would be something I could do with new owners. I absolutely love it. 

Then one day I came out of my kennel and was so lame on my back leg I couldn’t put it down (ouch). Following an xray it seems I have ruptured my cruciate ligament. So I am booked in for an operation to repair it and this will delay my rehoming. At least I will be recuperating in a home, as a kind volunteer has offered to nurse me. I don’t seem to have the best of luck, but I am lucky to have people at NWESSR who care about me and will ensure that I am back to full fitness asap. This is despite a collective “ouch” from them at the cost of £4500 for the operation.

I hate to think what my future would have been if NWESSR were not willing to help me. Please don’t visit me with grapes as dogs are not allowed them. But If you would like to contribute to my op and help NWESSR, I would be your friend forever.

You can do this by choosing the orange donate button below or by clicking on this link


We’d like to introduce Willow, a much-loved family pet who is seeking a new home through no fault of her own. Changing circumstances mean her family are struggling to give her the time and attention that she deserves.

Willow is three and a half years old and is described as a lovely obedient dog. As you might expect from a young Springer, Willow is lively and bouncy. She enjoys a good run around and will benefit from lots of exercise.

If you’d like to apply to adopt Willow, or another Springer seeking a forever home, please visit to find out more and apply online.


Dogs Day Out Message

I would like to extend a huge thank you, to all the people who came together and made NWESSR’s Dogs Day Out such a big success this year.

Julie Hesmondhalgh did a superb job of co-ordinating the event, along with the many volunteers who came together, giving their time freely to put on a fantastic day.

We had an excellent attendance with adopters old and new, some travelling a fair distance to be there. It was a pleasure to see you putting your dogs through

Their paces on the activities and proudly showing off your  rescued dogs in the classes. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you all and seeing

How happy the dogs are. They are all winners in the eyes of the NWESSR team. Thank you to the stall holders who supported our event and to the first aid team ensuring we

Were all kept safe. Once again, thank you to all who worked hard to put on a show.


Wendy Taylor

NWESSR Chairperson


A full report and photos of the event will follow shortly, plus results of all the classes and activities, so please revisit the website to see them.