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Gorgeous Blaze, a nine-year old boy, has come to NWESSR through no fault of his own.

Blaze is looking for a new forever home, because sadly due to a relationship breakdown, Blaze has had a big change in his life. He has moved home and now does not have the usual things around him. Blaze misses his two female doggy friends, plus his owner now works outside of the home meaning he spends more time alone. Blaze can be anxious and can at times become stressed If he is alone for too long.

Blaze is not a destructive boy, he will happily join his owner on the sofa. He loves to have walks, he has not been around cats and can be known to chase the odd bird.

Blaze tends to walk on a figure of eight lead best and off the lead he will normally recall to the whistle.

Blaze loves his ball and will usually let you remove it from his mouth.


Blaze is looking for a home that will continue his long walks. play with him and his favourite ball and give him love and cuddles.


If you can give gorgeous Blaze a loving home, please visit where you can find out about adopting a dog from us and complete our online application form.


Here we have beautiful boy Murphy, who is 7 years old.
Over the last 4 years his life changed dramatically when his owners started a family. Whilst Murphy has been good and gentle with both the children, they take up time and not much is left for Murphy.
He is much loved by his owners and previously he had enjoyed up to 3 hours every day running on the moors. However the home has become overcrowded and he has to spend too much time locked in the kitchen to make room. 
Murphy used to jump in and out of the car as the journey would lead to a walk. But he started refusing to get out if there was no walk and one day in response to being dragged, understandably, there was an altercation. He is a sweet and intelligent dog and his owners acknowledged that this was a direct result of lack of exercise and attention in the last couple of years.
When out Murphy likes to avoid any big dogs and will tend to ignore small dogs. He grew up walking on the moors and was trained to ignore sheep, grouse, cattle and horses. As most Springers he does pull on the lead but can walk to heel when reminded. He does enjoy being off the lead in fields and will keep checking in with his owner. Whilst he will stop and stay, his recall needs a little improvement. 
Murphy is a bit wary at first of new people and situations, but he is doing well in kennels and will flourish in the right home, who will give him the love, patience, understanding and most importantly the time, he deserves
Do you think you can give Murphy the home he needs?
If so, please visit you can find out about adopting a dog from us and complete our online application form.


Introducing Woody who is 3 years old and is described by his owners as being a typical Springer full of life energy and love.

Family visit the home with their dogs and Woody is happy in their company as he knows them. If he is on a lead walk outside of the home, he can be nervous of other dogs if they are too close to him.

Off lead Woody will usually go to his owner if they encounter other dogs, he can normally be distracted with his ball. Woody tends to pull on his harness, but not on a Halti. He is trained to recall to a whistle.

It’s thought he may have missed some of the normal socialisation due to Covid as he was a puppy at the time.

Woody has grown up with children who live in the home and there are visiting children. He can be fine with them and play, but sometimes he takes their toys and will want to keep them.

Recently Woody was neutered and was recovering, he was sitting on the sofa with the 1 year old child who was stroking him and he snapped, it’s possible the child touched his ears which he can be sensitive about, or he was just unwell. There was no broken skin but it has made his owner feel anxious.

Woody is not destructive or noisy and is usually happy with his toys for mental stimulation or he will just go to sleep when left alone.

Woody doesn’t usually react to cats but like most Springers does chase birds if off lead.

Woody is looking for a home where he will continue to learn, have lovely walks and enjoy the companionship of a new owner who can love and enjoy him.

If you think you can offer Woody a home please visit where you can find out about adopting a dog from us and complete our online application form.


Introducing Harvey, a stunning Liver/White male of one year and three months.


Harvey is coming to NWESSR through no fault of his own, his current owners have had a change to their working circumstances, no longer work from home and don’t have the time to exercise, train or give Harvey the stimulation he needs.


Harvey has lived with children aged 10 – 18 years. They are the ones who seem to play ball with him and have the interaction.


He does not go off the lead at present, due to his owner hiring a field and letting him off to find and he did not come back. He was only Interested in chasing birds as all Springers are!


Poor Harvey is now confined to one lead walk per day at night. He will benefit from some training so he can enjoy his walks in the countryside, with time off lead to enjoy a good run around and have doggy fun.

He will on occasion let you take a toy from him but this doesn’t happen often.


Harvey will need to be in a cat free home and needs to be the only dog. He needs someone who can continue to train him, give him lots of walks, socialise him and have playtime with mental stimulation.

He is not really left alone at present,  so this will need to be introduced slowly.


Harvey is a lovely boy who likes to do tricks for treats. He will be a great dog to spend your time with walking, playing and having fun.


If you’d like to apply to adopt Harvey, or another NWESSR springer, please visit


Meet Basil the Biker!

This good-looking, outdoor-loving boy, is in need of a new home with someone as energetic as he is. Are you a fan of mountain-biking, running or any other fast-paced sport? If so, Basil will make a great exercise buddy and can keep up with you all the way, for miles every day!

Just two years old, Basil is currently living with our trainer undergoing rehabilitation, while the search is on for a suitable home. At only 11 months old, and going through an adolescent phase, Basil came into NWESSR’s care following a biting incident over resource guarding. He has made huge progress, responding exceptionally well to an outdoor exercise and training regime, both on and off the lead. He’s friendly to dogs he meets out on walks and has good recall.

So far the right home for Basil has evaded us. He needs a quiet home with one or two people, a cat-free environment and preferably as an only dog. He will benefit from space within the home, while he develops and matures into the great character he has all the potential to become.

Have you got what it takes to keep up with BASIL? If so, please complete a vetting form, mentioning BASIL in your application.


In Ozzy’s words 

I wanted to tell you that I am having a short break from finding my new home. I haven’t always shown my best side when potential adopters visit me, not that I do anything wrong, it’s just I am inclined to go on a sniffari in the paddock,  instead of engaging in polite conversation. This has led them to believe I don’t like them. But who can blame me, I am in kennels and when out  I make the most of my freedom. So NWESSR decided to teach me scenting, as this would be something I could do with new owners. I absolutely love it. 

Then one day I came out of my kennel and was so lame on my back leg I couldn’t put it down (ouch). Following an xray it seems I have ruptured my cruciate ligament. So I am booked in for an operation to repair it and this will delay my rehoming. At least I will be recuperating in a home, as a kind volunteer has offered to nurse me. I don’t seem to have the best of luck, but I am lucky to have people at NWESSR who care about me and will ensure that I am back to full fitness asap. This is despite a collective “ouch” from them at the cost of £4500 for the operation.

I hate to think what my future would have been if NWESSR were not willing to help me. Please don’t visit me with grapes as dogs are not allowed them. But If you would like to contribute to my op and help NWESSR, I would be your friend forever.

You can do this by choosing the orange donate button below or by clicking on this link

Running for Springers – what an amazing achievement!

Last Sunday, one of our fabulous supporters, Leanne Hunt, completed the entire 26.2 miles of the London Marathon, in aid of NWESSR.

After the event, Leanne told us: “It was an amazing and emotional experience and being able to help you kept me going. I couldn’t have chosen a more deserving charity!”

Not only was this a fantastic personal achievement for Leanne, but through her JustGiving page she has also managed to raise over £1,000 for NWESSR! We can’t thank Leanne enough for taking on this huge challenge – and a massive ‘thank you’ too to everyone who’s already donated. Leanne’s JustGiving page will be open until 1st May so, if you haven’t already donated, but would like to, you can do so here:

Leanne Hunt is fundraising for North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue (NWESSR) (

Thank you again Leanne, you really do deserve that medal!



Be Hoover’s Valentine!

Hoover’s looking especially handsome for Valentine’s Day this year having recently had a haircut!  He sends his love to everyone for a Happy Valentine’s Day – most of all to those of you who have already so generously responded to his appeal.  Thank you.

He may be 13 years old and not as steady on his paws as he used to be, but he’s still a happy and affectionate boy.  If you haven’t already come across Hoover, then you can see from his story below that it costs NWESSR around £6,500 per year to provide his long-term care.

Hoover would be absolutely thrilled if you could send him a little Valentine’s Day surprise – if you can, please click on the DONATE button below.

This is Hoover’s story:

Hoover is a relatively healthy 13-year-old lad with a passion for life, country walks, and his own personal space.  Unfortunately, through no fault of his own, Hoover has been rehomed four times since we first met him 11 years ago!  

It isn’t fair on Hoover to keep uprooting him to try out new homes, so the decision has been made to let him stay in the kennels in Lancashire where he is very settled – enjoying his bracing daily walks, ball games and the very understanding staff there.

This is an unusual course of action for NWESSR but is definitely the best option for Hoover.  

However, this situation calls for much more funding than our regular rehomed dogs, and we are desperately looking for sponsors to help us cover the costs of his long-term care which is about £6,500 per year.

Keeping Hoover in kennels is not cheap: 

Kennel Cost


Special Food











This is a huge demand on our funds and we really need your help.

If only 150 people signed up for regular monthly donations of £4, this would cover his costs and you will know that you have helped Hoover live out his days safely.

To donate click on the DONATE BUTTON HERE
Thank you.


Can you help keep Beck and Bane together?

Beck and Bane are very bonded 7 year old litter brothers who have lived together all of their lives, They were originally trained as gundogs but have always lived in the house as companion animals and have not worked for a few years.  They have lived happily with children and another dog. Given other commitments, their owner has sadly concluded that  Bane and Beck need a new home with more time to spend with them.  They are strong dogs and have a tendency to pull on the lead, but are good off the lead and once they get to know you will stay close to you. 

The current cost of living crisis makes it more challenging for NWESSR to find homes for pairs of dogs, but we would hate to separate Bane and Beck. If you can offer them an active home together and have  lots of time for fun and walks with  them, please apply mentioning Bane and Beck in your application.