Here we have beautiful boy Murphy, who is 7 years old.
Over the last 4 years his life changed dramatically when his owners started a family. Whilst Murphy has been good and gentle with both the children, they take up time and not much is left for Murphy.
He is much loved by his owners and previously he had enjoyed up to 3 hours every day running on the moors. However the home has become overcrowded and he has to spend too much time locked in the kitchen to make room. 
Murphy used to jump in and out of the car as the journey would lead to a walk. But he started refusing to get out if there was no walk and one day in response to being dragged, understandably, there was an altercation. He is a sweet and intelligent dog and his owners acknowledged that this was a direct result of lack of exercise and attention in the last couple of years.
When out Murphy likes to avoid any big dogs and will tend to ignore small dogs. He grew up walking on the moors and was trained to ignore sheep, grouse, cattle and horses. As most Springers he does pull on the lead but can walk to heel when reminded. He does enjoy being off the lead in fields and will keep checking in with his owner. Whilst he will stop and stay, his recall needs a little improvement. 
Murphy is a bit wary at first of new people and situations, but he is doing well in kennels and will flourish in the right home, who will give him the love, patience, understanding and most importantly the time, he deserves
Do you think you can give Murphy the home he needs?
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