Oscar is a handsome 7 years old Springer, who is sadly in need of a new home as his current owner has developed major health issues and is in hospital. When discharged he will no longer be able to provide Oscar with the care that he needs. His owner’s family have been doing their very best to help, but Oscar is being left for very long periods and is pining for company.

Oscar has lived with the owner’s grandchild for some of his life and loved playing with them.  He has also been around other grandchildren and enjoyed his time with them. 

Oscar gets very excited when he knows he’s going for his walks and initially pulls on his lead as he cannot wait to get out and run around.  Once he knows he’s going to be out for a while he settles down and enjoys his time out.  He loves being off the lead to do what typical Springers love and that is to explore, but he’ll not let you out of his sight as wants you to have fun too.  Oscar will come back to you unless he gets a scent of something a little more interesting, but if you call his name he will return.  Oscar knows he is not to cross any roads without you giving a little whistle to say it is safe when he is on the lead with you.

Oscar has never lived with another dog or any cats.  If he sees a cat when he is out he does try to chase them along with any birds.  He can be quite shy of any dogs he meets on his walks but once he sees them regularly he just wants to play.

Oscar is a very loyal and loveable dog.

Oscar needs someone who will give him all the attention, love and walks he has been used to and also some more training to encourage is Springer traits.