Otto is a handsome three-year-old Springer Spaniel. He is looking for a forever home, with new owners who are active and would like a great companion.

Otto is a sturdy boy, who will need an owner who will build on his basic training, which has been interrupted through lack of time. Otto enjoys the great outdoors, long varied walks for exercise and fun sniffing all those new different smells.

Otto is looking for a new home because his owner is very aware his needs are not being met. They have a one-year-old child and a new baby arriving soon. They no longer have any spare time to take him out, so poor Otto is not really getting any walks at all now.

In the home Otto can be relatively calm; he can sometimes pick up on high energy situations and then he will want to join in with the activities. He loves his food and will steal food if he ever gets the opportunity, but he is a clever boy and doesn’t do it when his owners are looking.

He can bark at cats, so a cat free home would be desirable, and he will chase birds as many Springers do. Off lead he is happy and will recall to his owner. He doesn’t usually bother with other dogs.

Otto is described by his owners as loving, cuddly and he is a boy who loves to be close and joining in with family activities.

If you think you can offer Otto the forever home he is looking for then please visit our website to find out more about our adoption process and complete an online application