My handsome friend Baxter (approaching his 14th birthday) has sadly joined my previous best friend Dylan up at the Rainbow Bridge. He left last week, when a stroke meant that his already poorly back legs resulted in them not working at all. My rule is always “no suffering” and so it was time.


Baxter was a very different boy to Dylan, who was a springer who could be aloof and chose his friends on his terms. Baxter was friends with everybody, human or canine. His total love and friendship were absolutely unconditional.


We were only together for just over two years’ but it seemed to me to be much longer. He was such a gentle dog, utterly selfless in his affection for all. Except cats. Baxter was not into cats and his elderly bones became young again when he set off in pursuit of one. 


He became a firm favourite with all my friends, especially when I was confined to hospital last year. He had lots of friends who wanted to take him for a walk.

I shall remember him running across the cliffs in Devon in 2021. He laughed as he ran about, enjoying the freedom so much. 


I was blessed by NWESSR to be allowed to look after his retirement. It was a privilege to spoil him in his later years and he will never be forgotten, not just by me but many others. He left us in absolute Baxter style, in total dignity and serenity having eaten his final bag of treats as he slipped into sleep.  


Thanks Baxter for being my best friend. Enjoy that Rainbow Bridge freedom.