Milly Hickmott NEWSSR 4293.That’s me walking also I now have a playmate called Jedi he also is a springer I was picked up on the 01/05/2013 from NWESSR when I was nine months old and went to live in Suffolk it was nice there going for walks and playing ball with Jedi that’s me sharing a bed with Jedi the he’s the black and white one.

In June 2014 we attended the NEWSSR fun day and Jedi came 1st in the best condition dog all breeds and I got special they must have known then that I would attack Jedi and I shacked when there was fireworks or even a storm coming and dribble a lot but the rest of the time I would have fun then in 2015 we all moved to Spain it was loverly I was still horrible to Jedi but he didn’t care that much by now he was used to it, I enjoyed the many days sun bathing outside and the walks also in the winter you was allowed on the beach and I could have a swim and over the years it was really nice with Jedi as my companion.

That was me and Jedi after our wash and cut for xmas on Boxing Day we went for a walk and swim on new years eve I was playing a game of tug the stick with Jedi and on the 01/01/2024 I didn’t eat much and by the time I got to see Pancho our vet I wasn’t eating and couldn’t get up he did a scan and found lots of masses and one attached to my liver and that day I walked over the rainbow bridge. Thank you NEWSSR for finding me my forever home