Luna and Nelly

These two gorgeous girls have come to NWESSR through no fault of their own. Nelly is the younger sister of the two and does depend on her elder sister Luna, as they have always lived together.

The girls have to find a new home due to a big change in the family circumstances, which has changed the original idea of them being working dogs, as this is now no longer the case.

Luna and Nelly have spent their lives outside in kennels, they see the family children of the home on a regular basis but having spent their lives living outside it’s not like living in a warm cosy home in front of the fire, which they will likely enjoy going forward.

Nelly is a stunning three and a half year old, liver and white in colour with the most appealing eyes. She will need work on her recall and readjustment to the new routine as any dog who has a change of ownership, each home is individual and they all need that settling in time.

Luna is a pretty girl of six years, liver and white in colour. She is good on the lead and she loves to walk and enjoys time off lead having dog fun sniffing and enjoying the countryside. She will play with her toys and retrieve them.

 Nelly and Luna are such a close pair having spent a long together and because Nelly tends to depend on Luna as the older sister, it would be best for them if they can go to a new home together.

If you could give Luna and Nelly a loving home with long walks and enjoy spending time with them please visit