6 year old Luna was the second NWESSR dog to come into my life.


What times we had!  She never got to feel comfortable with other dogs, so our walks were often at odd times off the day (or night) so we had the woods or fields to ourselves.  She became comfortable with other animals so we spent much time in various bits of the New Forest.


With people, Luna was very wary of strangers so the trick was to develop an introduction routine so she knew who her friends were. I was amazed how well she would recognise them in the distance when on the lead locally. But then she was a Springer and  also loved scent work, chasing balls, swimming and generally messing about.


During the pandemic she made a special friend of Theo – a young neighbour of mine – and when the rules allowed, she played with him and generally cheered up the neighbourhood. And he learned how to get her to obey commands and she was always fascinated by him.


Many people will remember Luna and it was lucky we came together for the all too short time we had, and it was six happy years until a quick final illness brought it to a close.


Thanks to NWESSR for what you do.