Introducing Miko, a very young male dog of one year and two months. He has come into NWESSR through absolutely no fault of his own.


This cute young Springer is Liver/white, he has bundles of energy, he wants to walk, play and learn and now needs an owner who will enjoy doing just that with him. Training him eg. recall work will need to be continued.


Miko’s previous owners were unable to spend the time exercising and training him, they were not aware how much exercise and stimulation Springers needed.


He has no experience of children. He is ok with dogs he meets outside of the home and may be able to live with another dog. Any time spent with Miko in the past has been a little chaotic, he will benefit from a home with a routine, as all young Springers he does demand attention.


He will travel in the car short distances and has visited residential kennels three times. He walks at present on a figure of eight lead, he is only let off lead in an enclosed area at the moment, as his recall needs work.

This lovely boy needs a home where he can have love in his life with long interesting walks, playtime and fun which Springers love so much. 


If you can give Miko the home he needs please visit https://www.englishspringerrescue.co.uk/vetting-form/