Hello folks, it’s Fernando here – remember me? Well here I am, living my best life in my new home. It didn’t take long for me to find my forever family.

I live with my new Mum and Dad and my big brother Snoopy (the handsome one on the right). Snoopy and I are besties!

I’m only 9 months old and I’ve got a lot to learn. At the moment we are working on my recall, which is great fun because it means I get lots of treats. I’m getting better and will be able to go off the lead soon.

A lady from NWESSR called to check on my progress and my parents told her that I’m getting on really well and it feels like I’m part of the family.

Far be it for me to blow my own trumpet but they are clearly besotted with me and feel that they have been so lucky to adopt me. I’m so happy, love and licks, Fernando.