In Ozzy’s words 

I wanted to tell you that I am having a short break from finding my new home. I haven’t always shown my best side when potential adopters visit me, not that I do anything wrong, it’s just I am inclined to go on a sniffari in the paddock,  instead of engaging in polite conversation. This has led them to believe I don’t like them. But who can blame me, I am in kennels and when out  I make the most of my freedom. So NWESSR decided to teach me scenting, as this would be something I could do with new owners. I absolutely love it. 

Then one day I came out of my kennel and was so lame on my back leg I couldn’t put it down (ouch). Following an xray it seems I have ruptured my cruciate ligament. So I am booked in for an operation to repair it and this will delay my rehoming. At least I will be recuperating in a home, as a kind volunteer has offered to nurse me. I don’t seem to have the best of luck, but I am lucky to have people at NWESSR who care about me and will ensure that I am back to full fitness asap. This is despite a collective “ouch” from them at the cost of £4500 for the operation.

I hate to think what my future would have been if NWESSR were not willing to help me. Please don’t visit me with grapes as dogs are not allowed them. But If you would like to contribute to my op and help NWESSR, I would be your friend forever.

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