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Luna & Nelly

News from yet another happy new NWESSR home ✍✍✍


“Four weeks ago Luna and Nelly joined our family and what a delight they are. Both have settled in really well and are enjoying exploring the house and garden. They love to snuggle up for a cuddle on the sofa after a long play in the garden. Hide and seek, ball throwing and frisbee are just some of their favourite games. Off lead they love to run, seek and find and their recall so far is excellent. They are so lovable and we’re delighted as to how quickly they have become part of our family.”


Thank you for giving these gorgeous girls such a lovely new life 💞


Willow, our little princess is starting to give me the same knowing look I get from my wife when the camera comes out 😁 Mind you, she had me worked out from the moment she came to us from the lovely people at NWESSR



We are so grateful to all the amazing people who volunteer so much time to give us these fabulous new family members!

We can’t imagine not having Tina in our family! She was totally meant to be, & was at home the minute she landed with us. We spent New Year’s Eve day racing around in the snow in Scotland & the evening sprawled out by the open fire….. she’s living her best life.



Willow’s new family have told us: “Today (21 March) is Willow’s 4th birthday. She has been with us four months and is the most adorable cuddle monster. She is such a character. She is wilful, hugely intelligent, confident and so sweet, even when she is more mud than dog. She is just coming out of a phantom pregnancy so needs a little extra love and reassurance (any excuse for extra cuddles…). She has given us our lives back and we love her to bits.”


Hi, I’m Bailey and I’m here to share my good news!

In January I was in need of a new home. My owners turned to NWESSR for help, and they found a wonderful person who wanted to adopt me. I’m only a youngster, and I’m still a bit of a cheeky rascal, so it was important to choose someone with plenty of time and patience for a Springer like me!

Fast forward a few weeks and here I am – loving life, learning lots and enjoying my lovely walks in the countryside. When I’m tired from all the fun, I lie down and do the big Springer Sprawl in my favourite place!



Hello, I’m Springer Sam! I’ve been adopted through NWESSR and now I live in Lancashire with my new Mum and Dad.

Mum works from home and I like to sleep under her desk by the side of her feet whilst she is working. I’m very happy about this because it means I’m not on my own all day.

I love my walks, especially when there’s water to go in! We go to lots of different places, which is a Springer’s idea of heaven, and for a special treat we go to a secure field where I can run about off the lead.

My Mum and Dad love me to bits and give me lots of affection and I think I’m a very lucky Springer!



Hello folks, it’s Fernando here – remember me? Well here I am, living my best life in my new home. It didn’t take long for me to find my forever family.

I live with my new Mum and Dad and my big brother Snoopy (the handsome one on the right). Snoopy and I are besties!

I’m only 9 months old and I’ve got a lot to learn. At the moment we are working on my recall, which is great fun because it means I get lots of treats. I’m getting better and will be able to go off the lead soon.

A lady from NWESSR called to check on my progress and my parents told her that I’m getting on really well and it feels like I’m part of the family.

Far be it for me to blow my own trumpet but they are clearly besotted with me and feel that they have been so lucky to adopt me. I’m so happy, love and licks, Fernando.


On the 13th January we celebrated Max’s 5th Gotcha Day. 5 years since we collected him from NWESSR and we couldn’t have wished for a better dog. In that time he has been on several holidays to the seaside. He loves swimming, both, in the river or the sea. He loves walks through woods and fields, following scents, playing and running around with his doggy friends and especially playing with his bally ball. He’s loved by everyone he meets and we love him to bits. Thank you NWESSR.”