Jasper is 2 years old with a lively, springy personality.  He can get excited when new people visit.  One day when he was 13 months old, due to being a  bit excited and barking at a visitor, he was put in the garage to help him calm down.  He actually found he liked it in there and since January 2023 he has slept in the car in there.  Clearly this is not ideal as poor Jasper is missing out on social interaction.  He misses the company of his owner and it can cause anxiety at times.  She is a carer for an elderly mother and she is worried that Jasper with his natural exuberance may knock her over.  Jasper is not very good at giving things up and if over excited can nip.  NWESSR are going to help him with that.

He quite likes chasing birds but has never caught one.  He never has never lived with a cat but he does see them when is out on his lead.

If you have a treat for him when out walking he won’t pull on his lead and will stay by your side.  He will usually come back when called, unless he is distracted by a really good scent.

It would be nice for him to live in a home and learn new things.  Preferably with no children as he has not encountered them.  Jasper loves playing search in the garden and likes to play with a rope ball and Kong.