Can you help keep Beck and Bane together?

Beck and Bane are very bonded 7 year old litter brothers who have lived together all of their lives, They were originally trained as gundogs but have always lived in the house as companion animals and have not worked for a few years.  They have lived happily with children and another dog. Given other commitments, their owner has sadly concluded that  Bane and Beck need a new home with more time to spend with them.  They are strong dogs and have a tendency to pull on the lead, but are good off the lead and once they get to know you will stay close to you. 

The current cost of living crisis makes it more challenging for NWESSR to find homes for pairs of dogs, but we would hate to separate Bane and Beck. If you can offer them an active home together and have  lots of time for fun and walks with  them, please apply mentioning Bane and Beck in your application.