Hello Everyone,

please find below the latest escapades of Oscar, one of our rehomed springers.

Really feel like I’m starting to settle in with this family now, it’s been a couple of months and we’re all getting used to each other much more.
I’ve learnt not to use my teeth for biting when I get scared, especially around shadows. Instead, I’ve learnt to go to my humans and put my paw in their hand – they know that this means I’m feeling anxious and so they stroke my paw gently until I feel a bit happier.
The one thing they’ve not properly learnt yet is that I’m taller than their two other dogs, especially when it comes to food left in the kitchen. In the last couple of weeks I’ve managed to get hold of a great sponge cake, half an Easter egg (apparently chocolate is bad for me – hmm, I did have a bit of an upset tummy after it) and also some lovely baked cod with roasted vegetables which was served up ready for someone else.
A few weeks ago we went to the most amazing place ever – a beach! It had everything Springers could ever wish for – loads and loads of water for swimming in, an endless supply of sand which no-one shouted at us for digging up, birds flying everywhere and so much space that we could run and run and run and never get to any fences to stop us!
It was brilliant fun and the three of us dogs chased each other and explored and splashed around for a good few hours. I had a really big drink of fresh water when we got back to the car but then slept for most of the day afterwards.
The next big challenge is that in a couple of weeks I and the other Springer are going for some sheep training. When we go out on the hills we both love nothing more than having a really good chase after sheep – we love them! We never hurt them but it seems that they get very worried and humans don’t like us doing it. Often we have to go back on our leads if there are sheep nearby and that’s no fun for anyone.
So we’re going to see a lady who has her own flock of sheep who are used to dogs and she’s going to teach us to ignore them. My human isn’t too confident that it’ll work but let’s see what happens – us Springers are always happy to be persuaded with some good treats!

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